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Sangiovese 2020

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Ciao, Sangiovese

A night in without a glass of Sang would be like a weak-jawed Hemsworth brother or a wedding dance floor without ‘Horses’. Some sort of glitch in the matrix.

Sangiovese is so popular in Italy, it might as well be called Paolo, Mario, or Giovanna. When we first got these grapes from the Murray Darling, we weren’t quite sure it’d work out. Our 2020 Sangiovese has a beautiful light colour and profile that’s simply amore (you can almost hear the choir of Italian chefs kissing their fingers as you pour). 

Our Sangiovese is lighter than traditional with 12% alcohol. We might drink it chill to kick things off, as friends appear in a flurry of ditched layers and crazy decibels. Or we also like it room temp as the convos descend into the deep, meaningful and generally nonsensical.