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Rosé all day

Like candles, using herbs as a garnish or giving your pet both a first name and a surname, our rose has a way of upping the ante. It’s a 2020 Nero D’Avola, which is a heavier varietal than you might be used to. Drinking this rose in the cooler months is like realising you can wear your favourite sandals with socks. 

Nero D’Avola loves heat and arid conditions (thank you, Murray Darling). It’s fruity and bold, and it has a gorgeous, light orange hue. We foot-stomped this one, then left it on skins for 14 hours before pressing it off. 

At 12.5% alcohol and a highly photogenic pour, it’s the wine that instantly makes a cosy group dinner look aesthetic and tasteful. Out of frame it’s total chaos, but then that’s the way we like it.