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Project #2 - Chardonnay

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Château de yum

Go with the flow and let Planet Earth boogie.

The soothing voice of our inner hippie guided us on this Project Chardonnay. Turns out nature does impressive things without many interjections from us. 

We let this Chard barrel ferment in a one year-old French barrique. A young barrel like this in a smaller 200L size had plenty of flavours to offer our wine, so then we left it well alone. As a one-off Project, we wanted to see what the grapes got up to on their own without any fining or filtering from us. 

The 13% ABV result is as unpredictable and delicious as those groovy golden light refractions when the sun hits your glass. It’s kinda like a chablis with plenty of green apple and lime and just a hint of brioche. Like drinking the sound of gold bracelets jangling on a tanned wrist or the feeling of an afternoon without checking the time once.