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Project #1 - Pinot Noir

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Project pinot kinda vino

Too much interfering isn’t often a good thing. Ask that overzealous at-home haircut or anyone still living with their parents. 

This limited edition (500 bottles only) Project Series Pinot Noir is more of a see-where-the-night-takes-us kind of vibe (spoiler: the destination is delicious). Each bottle is hand numbered.

We took Mornington Peninsula grapes and asked them to go nuts and do their thing. As an unfined and unfiltered Pinot, we didn’t impose any ideas to shape or steer the taste too much. Nor did we hard press the grapes, giving us only the juiciest, quality part in the middle for maximum yum. What we did do is give the grapes extra time on skins to give all the most interesting characteristics plenty of opportunity to ~express themselves~

It’s a guzzler. Plenty of sour cherry and dark chocolate with a lingering quince that leaves you hanging for more. At 12.9% it pairs well with tangent-heavy anecdotes, burnt food made by distracted cooks and ill-thought-out dance moves.