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How we make our magic grape juice

The only letters in our names are the ones that spell our names. An MBA, Bs.C. or Ph.D. doesn’t equal winemaking expertise – and it certainly won’t prevent you from grimacing when you sip something sour. Just like how no one can control what Trump tweets at 2am, or what phallic design Elon Musk chooses for his next spacecraft. We’re not the type to namedrop or brag (unlike the aforementioned folks), but we’re pretty proud of our suppliers and our grapes. Some of them might have fancy degrees; all of them are real winemaking legends. Our approach is to let our wines speak for themselves: we use minimal sulfites, cultivate grapes that were vine-grown within 20 meters of each other for better consistency in environmental exposure, and avoid tannins, yeast extracts, and flavours.

Sure, winemaking is part art, part science. We can draw a decent bowl of pears and know how to use a Bunsen burner. But we’re happy to let you taste the wine for yourself and decide if it’s a Hirst or a hooey. Cheers, here’s to you.