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What’s our Plot

Some people do a pilgrimage to find the meaning of life. We did one in 2018 – the Camino de Santiago de Compostela – and found the meaning of wine, instead. Maybe it was trekking 20 kilometres a day for six weeks straight; maybe it was that hot, Basque sun beating down on us as we traversed the 878 kilometres from Southern France to the far Northwest of Spain. Either way, somewhere along the journey (and many bottles of €3 Rioja later) we reached our epiphany: if you enjoy wine, then you’re an authority on wine. We built a company on that ethos, centred around selling great wine directly to customers, and called it Plot. Today, we make wines that your senses will like as much as your present company.

The idea for Plot had actually been fermenting for a while before the transformative Camino hike. Our founder, Chris Nolan, started ‘Da Wine Club’ (don’t judge) with some work mates a few years back. When the day’s meetings and calls were done, the club would get together to blind-taste wines and score them out of 10. More than points ratings and tasting profiles, what remained after each session was the barrel laughter amongst mates, the un-wipeable smiles and the happy taste buds. It was there that the spirit of Plot wines bubbled up: a great drop naturally encourages great company. No guidebook or tasting manual could ever live up to that experience.

From a single grapeseed of an idea, Plot has now evolved to include the other terroir-breaking ideas that make us who we are: Grapes from the best growers and thoughtful viticulture. Wines made by some of the most experienced, well-respected makers in Australia. Bottles that everyone would nod their heads to (at least once, anyway; hopefully more). And pours that taste great, period.

Yes, there’s been a lot to learn along the path to today. But of all the out-there ideas to come out of the Camino pilgrimages over the past thousand years, our plot seems pretty reasonable: Good flavours, for good folks, for good times.