The never-regifted gift – Plot Wine

The never-regifted gift

A bottle (or five) of Plot Wines is a gift as reliable as Prince Harry’s hairline is to start receding. It’s a sure thing (sorry, Harry). So whether you’ve got millennial staff, office veterans, overworked PAs or high-maintenance clients on your gift list, we’ve got just the thing.

Put a bow on it.

Something for your work wife? We’ll make your Plot Wine look like a sweetheart.  Hand-written, heartfelt notes (in nice handwriting). We’ll then loop a pretty bow around it all, because everyone still thinks you’re classy like that.

When one isn’t enough.

No one loves splashing cash on the colleague from hell, but if it’s got to be done, we’ll do what we can to sugar-coat that pill for you. A discount should do it – so go on, give them a coupla bottles. Or get a few extra and stash some for yourself.

Any other genius ideas?

We know you have them. Just let us know who you’re buying for and what message you want to send, and we’ll figure something out. There’s always a Plot Wine for that.